Off Road After Care Tips

Off-roading, whether it is a hobby done for sport or a necessity, can be hard on your truck. Investing in a 4x4 vehicle is often more costly than a standard two-wheel drive car, plus you have extra expenses such as quality off-road wheels. You will want to care properly for the vehicle and the accessories to ensure they stay in good condition. The following tips can help:

Tip #1: Wash often

Once you are off the muddy trail and back on paving, take some time to hose down the undercarriage of the vehicle. While a full wash is a good idea to preserve paint, the undercarriage, inside of the fenders, and the wheels, which should get the bulk of your attention. Dirt and grime in these locations can lead to damage, such as pitting and rust, that can affect the overall reliability and longevity of your 4x4 vehicle. Simply spraying the truck off with water goes a long way toward removing minerals and salts that cause damage, so take the time for a quick rinse even if you don't have the time for a full wash.

Tip #2: Perform a tire and wheel inspection

Tires and wheels can suffer a lot of damage when you are off-roading. Begin the inspection by checking out the state of the tires themselves. They should show no signs of bulging, uneven tread wear, or cracking. Next, look at your rims. Are they in good condition with no dents or pits? Next, check the lug nuts and tighten them if they have loosened. Finish up by airing the tires up to the recommended PSI. If you do this immediately after off-roading, you will need to air them up again once they have cooled down.

Tip #3: Check your axles

Your axles are the next trouble spot after the tires and wheels. Get beneath your vehicle and make sure your axles are straight with no signs of bending or breakage. If the vehicle is pulling to the side after an off-road adventure, you may have a broken or bent axle. If the axles are in good condition, finish your post-trip by lubricating the gear cases and joints to make sure they stay in top condition.

For more help, talk to an off-road wheel and accessories dealer near you. They can help ensure your vehicle remains in great condition no matter where the road may take you.