Is It Time To Repair Your Brake Calipers?

Brakes are one of the most important safety features of any vehicle, so it's important to make sure they're always in good condition. One part that needs to be regularly inspected is your brake calipers. These components are essential to a functioning braking system, as they apply the brakes when you press down on the brake pedal.

Read on to learn more about the warning signs that could indicate a problem with your brake calipers.

Squeaking or Squealing Noises

One of the most common signs that your brake calipers need repair is a loud noise when you press down on the brakes. This noise could be a squeaking or squealing sound, often indicating that either one or both of your brake calipers are sticking. This issue can occur due to various reasons, such as dust and dirt buildup, rust, worn-out pads, or misalignment.

For example, if there's a buildup of dirt on your brake calipers, this can cause them to stick and create a grinding sound as the brakes are applied. Rust can also cause brake calipers to stick, as it can corrode the metal and make it difficult for the calipers to function properly.

If you hear this type of noise when you hit the brakes, take your car to a brake repair specialist immediately. This isn't something you can afford to put off, as it could lead to serious safety issues if left unchecked.

Uneven Braking

Another telltale sign that there may be an issue with your brake calipers is if the braking feels uneven or jerky when you press down on the pedal. When this happens, it usually means there is an issue with one of the two pistons within each caliper not working correctly.

Calipers contain special pistons that press against the brake pads when you step on the brakes. And if one of these pistons is stuck or not working as it should, this can lead to uneven brake performance.

To fix this problem, you will likely need to replace both pistons in each affected caliper, which is costly but necessary for safety reasons. A good brake repair expert can monitor your brake system and let you know if one or both of your caliper units need to be replaced.

Pulling to One Side

When you brake, does it feel like your car pulls to one side? If so, then this could also signal an issue with your brake calipers. This is a big warning sign that one of your calipers may be stuck and not releasing correctly. When this happens, it can cause the vehicle to pull slightly in one direction when you press down on the brakes.

Uneven wear is often caused by sticking brakes and can cause excessive wear on the pads and other components. Make sure to check all four wheels for any issues and look for any signs of unusual wear and tear. If you're not willing to take apart the calipers yourself or don't feel comfortable doing so, ask a repair specialist to take a look.  

For more info about brake repair, contact a local company.