How Filters Play A Role In The Maintenance And Operation Of Your Vehicle

Maintenance is critical to keeping your car or truck running efficiently and dependably. The filters on your vehicle are part of that maintenance and need monitoring to ensure they are clean and working every time the car goes in for service. Automobile filters are part of many systems; knowing where they are and when to change them is vital, and there are some things you can do to ensure your filters are working between maintenance appointments.

The Benefits Of Electronic Fuel Injection For Your Vehicle

Electronic fuel injection is increasingly popular these days across the automotive industry due to the additional benefits it can provide compared to a traditional carburetor setup. If you have an older vehicle you are considering switching to electronic fuel injection, here are just some of the benefits you will gain once you make the switch.  Electronic Fuel Injection Can Provide More Power and Torque Are you trying to add some additional oomph or flair to your old, used sports car?

3 Things Junk Car Buyers Do NOT Care About

Let's face it: selling a car is a long, frustrating process. Even if you plan to do a dealership trade-in, you can still expect plenty of haggling and a likely underwhelming offer. These issues can be even worse when you're dealing with an old junk car. In many cases, dealerships may not want your clunker, and finding a private seller willing to buy an old hulk is anything but easy.