How Filters Play A Role In The Maintenance And Operation Of Your Vehicle

Maintenance is critical to keeping your car or truck running efficiently and dependably. The filters on your vehicle are part of that maintenance and need monitoring to ensure they are clean and working every time the car goes in for service. Automobile filters are part of many systems; knowing where they are and when to change them is vital, and there are some things you can do to ensure your filters are working between maintenance appointments.

Air Filter

One of the most common automobile filters on the list is the air filter under your vehicle's hood. There are several styles, and the position of it may differ from one vehicle to the next, so you may need to look carefully for it. 

Most modern fuel-injected engines use an air box mounted near one of the fender wells with a square or rectangular filter inside. The air coming into the engine from outside the car or truck is drawn through this filter to remove dust, dirt, and debris from the fuel injection system. 

The filter may be a paper filter that needs replacing when it is dirty or a reusable filter that you can clean with compressed air or water. Check your owner's manual to determine where the filter is, how often it requires maintenance, and if you need to replace the air filter or can clean it and reuse it. The air filter is one automobile filter you can maintain yourself to ensure the engine is getting the proper airflow needed to run efficiently.

Fuel Filter

Most vehicles have a fuel filter somewhere in the system to remove dirt particles from the fuel before it enters the fuel injection or carburetor assembly. The location of the fuel filter can vary and may be easy to access on the vehicle or in the tank near the fuel pump, making it harder to replace.

The location of the fuel filter may make it challenging to replace, but a qualified mechanic can check it for you if you are experiencing hard starting, engine stumbling that mimics running out of fuel, or having low fuel pressure in the system. Any parts shop that sells automobile filters chow have replacement fuel filters you can purchase. However, you must get the right one for your vehicle, or it can restrict fuel flow and affect the vehicle's driveability. 

Oil Filter

The engine oil filter is one automobile filter most people are familiar with but can be easy to overlook. Changing the oil in your car following the manufacturer's recommendations is crucial to protecting the engine, and the oil filter should be part of the maintenance. 

The oil filter is not serviceable and needs replacing completely to ensure the best performance of the lubrication system in the vehicle. For more information on car filters, contact a company near you.