2 Signs You Immediately Need New Tires On Your Car

While approaching your car, you may have noticed that the tires have started to look a little worn down. Even if you are wondering whether they need to be replaced, you may still be holding on to the thought that you can get a few more miles out of them before buying new ones. However, while a little wear on the tires is not a reason for immediate concern, some types of wear and damage are.

How to Tell if Your Car Has Fuel System Issues

Most modern vehicles use some form of electronic fuel injection to deliver fuel to the engine. Fuel injection systems are very complex, but when the system is maintained correctly, the fuel economy is good, and the engine will run smoothly. Read on to learn how to tell your car has fuel system issues.  Fuel Injection  Electronic fuel injection systems come in several different configurations, and various auto manufacturers use different designs to get the most performance from the engine in the vehicle they are building.