2 Signs You Immediately Need New Tires On Your Car

While approaching your car, you may have noticed that the tires have started to look a little worn down. Even if you are wondering whether they need to be replaced, you may still be holding on to the thought that you can get a few more miles out of them before buying new ones.

However, while a little wear on the tires is not a reason for immediate concern, some types of wear and damage are. Below are a couple of signs you should look for that would make it necessary for you to stop driving your car and replace the tires immediately.

1.  Sidewalls Have Sustained Any Type of Damage

The first areas you should examine when trying to determine whether you need to replace your car's tires as soon as possible are the sidewalls of each tire. The sidewalls are responsible for helping to keep the tires rigid enough to support both the air pressure within them and the weight of the vehicle.

If the sidewalls have any cuts, punctures, or bubbling, their strength and rigidity will be weakened. Because of their weakened state, going over a bump in the road or even turning the wheels could cause tires to rupture.

2.  Silver Lines Appear in the Tread of the Tires

Another sign you should look for is the tread of the tires. Normally, the treads should have deep ridges, and the color should be consistent through the surface.

However, if you start seeing silver lines appearing, these lines are the belts that hold the tires' shape. If they have become noticeable, this means that the rubber of the tread has worn down to the point as to expose them. Because the belts are exposed, they are in danger of breaking and puncturing the tread. Also, if the rubber around them wears down any further, holes will appear in the tread, making it impossible for the tires to hold air.

If your car's tires have any damage to the sidewalls and/or the tread has worn down to the point that the belts are showing through the rubber, it is no longer safe for you to continue driving on them. If you do continue to drive on the damaged tires, you risk having them blow out while you are traveling down the road. To keep this from happening, find an auto parts store in your area that sells discount tires like Carbouteek LLC for help finding new tires that fit your vehicle's make and model to replace the old ones.