Safety Tips For Refilling Your Nitrous Tanks

Having the ability to drive your vehicle at a high rate of speed can be exhilarating. Many people interested in racing their cars make the choice to upgrade their fuel system to feature a nitrous oxide tank.

Nitrous is a gas that can help to propel your car forward at an intense rate of speed, making it a must for any street racing enthusiast. Here are three tips that you can use to improve safety when refilling your vehicle's nitrous tanks in the future.

1. Wear protective clothing while filling your nitrous tanks.

It's important that you wear protective clothing at all times while filling your nitrous tanks. When you are exposed to nitrous oxide, your health could be at risk.

Inhaling the fumes leaves you susceptible to respiratory illness, while coming into contact with nitrous oxide with your bare skin could result in serious frostbite due to the extremely cold temperature of the gas. Wearing a protective mask and gloves will help to ensure you come to no harm while refilling your nitrous tanks in the future.

2. Avoid overfilling your tanks.

If you want to ensure your safety while refilling your nitrous oxide tanks, you need to take the time to read the manufacturer's instructions. Your tank should clearly state the volume of gas it is equipped to hold.

Never fill your tank past this recommended threshold. Most nitrous tanks are highly pressurized and could explode when they are overfilled with gas. To avoid a potentially life-threatening explosion in the future, exercise caution when it comes to determining how much nitrous oxide gas to add to your tanks when refilling them in the future.

3. Examine your tanks prior to filling.

In order to ensure that your tanks are equipped to safely hold a new supply of nitrous oxide gas, you need to carefully examine the tanks for signs of damage. Any tanks that are dented or otherwise damaged should be replaced.

Refilling a damaged tank leaves you susceptible to a dangerous explosion, since the tank will not be structurally sound enough to contain the gas within it. Using only tanks that are in good condition as you refill your nitrous oxide supply will help you avoid physical harm in the future.

Being able to safely refill your nitrous oxide tanks ensures that you will always have access to the boost your vehicle needs to achieve top speeds.