Four Benefits Of LED Headlights On A Truck

Replacing your halogen headlights with Toyota Tundra LED headlights is a smart move. The halogens are fine, but nothing quite lights up the road like LEDs. Also, trucks are one of those vehicles where other drivers are never quite sure what they are driving towards in the dark.  Here are a few other benefits to swapping out your halogen headlights with LED headlights.

Less Drain on Your Truck Batteries

Whether your truck runs on one big battery or two, you never have to worry about the lights draining the batteries again. Halogens tend to empty at least one battery if you accidentally leave the lights on overnight. LED lights use so very little energy that you could leave the headlights on for more than a day, and your battery would still turn over. That is good news for anyone that makes a regular mistake of not turning the headlights off when getting out of the truck.

Super-Bright Lights

Not only will other drivers see you coming, they will see you coming from much farther away. LED lights are well-known for being even brighter than halogens, and for cutting through fog and mist as though the light rays were swords. The LEDs scatter enough light across the front of your truck that other drivers will also be able to see that you are driving a truck, and not an SUV or other multi-passenger vehicle. That can help prevent some accidents, which is always good.

Long, Long Life

LED headlights have an intensely long life. It is quite surprising, given how brightly they shine and how little energy they consume. Yet, most people find that they can get their LED headlights to last between five and ten years or more. So, you could swap out your halogen headlights for LED headlights right now, and by the time your oldest kid is ready for college, he or she can replace the headlights on the truck next.

Impossible to Break

LED bulbs are the size of the tip of your finger up to the size of your thumb. For headlights, that is really small, but that benefits you in another way. If you get into an accident and the front corner of your truck is smashed, the tiny LED bulbs are rarely broken, and they keep on shining as bright as ever. They are very hard to break, a sharp contrast to how easy it is to break a halogen bulb.