What Happens If You Let A Non-Operable Car Sit For A Long Time?

When your car finally gives up, there's a temptation to keep the car around so that you can try more and more fixes to get it going. But if your car isn't operable and looks like it's going to be that way long-term, letting it sit isn't a good idea. Not only do you end up with a car taking up space that you could use for other things, but there are also a number of damaging issues that could occur.


If your driveway isn't paved, or you've got the car parked partially (or fully) on your lawn or a dirt patch, leaving a car sitting in the same spot for months or even years is not good. As rain softens the ground, the weight of the car could cause it to compact the ground under the tires, leading to divots. Those make it harder to eventually move the car even through towing, too.


If the car is parked on the street, you could repeatedly run afoul of local parking laws. Many cities limit the amount of time that cars can sit in one spot to two or three days, and if you can't move your car, you could get a lot of tickets or have your car towed. That towing would not be a fast solution for you, by the way; you'd still incur fines and fees.


A stationary car is a lovely, warm hiding place for pests like insects and rodents. It doesn't take long for them to figure out the car won't be going anywhere, and even if you do get it moving again, it can be very hard to get rid of the pests once they're in the car. Plus, those pests can spread to nearby cars and your house.

A more viable solution is to have the car removed by a junk service, like U Pull & Pay, that specifically focuses on cars. Not only do you get the car towed away -- you don't have to bring it anywhere -- but you get help with the paperwork that goes along with transferring a title and registration.

You'll still have to do some of that paperwork yourself; it's common for state motor vehicle departments to want both the old and new owners to separately send in certain forms confirming the transfer of the vehicle. But a junk car service can guide you through the process easily.

Plus, you get cash for your car. The junk service will not only take the car away but pay you for the parts that can be salvaged. If you've got a car that will run no more, don't hold onto it thinking that you can somehow fix it. Call a service that offers cash for junk cars instead.