Remanufactured Engines- The Best Option For Your Semi

Keeping overhead costs as low as possible is critical to the success of any independent trucking company. This means that you need to find a way to keep your semi trucks running efficiently without compromising your bottom line.

Repairs make up a significant portion of any fleet budget. You can reduce your repair costs by opting to install remanufactured engines instead of new engines in your trucks.

Less Downtime

A semi truck is only making money if it is hauling loads down the open road. A truck that needs a new engine will be out of commission until the replacement engine is installed. It can take time to order a new engine from the manufacturer, then prime the engine components in preparation for installation.

A remanufactured diesel powerstroke 6.0 engine has already been primed with engine oil and coolant, so it can be installed as soon as it arrives in your shop. Many used auto parts dealers have remanufactured engines for sale, so you can get one in much less time than it would take to order a new engine. This reduces downtime and gets your semi back on the road.

Fewer Regulations

Every semi truck that is in operation on public roadways today is required to comply with EPA regulations. The regulatory standards for each truck are tied to the engine that has been installed in the vehicle.

A semi with a new engine will need to meet all current EPA standards. You may find that you have to invest in more repairs to bring the truck up to code, costing you time and money.

Remanufactured engines are only required to meet the EPA standards that were in effect the year the engine was produced new. This means that using a remanufactured engine in your semi could subject your truck to more lenient emissions requirements.

More Affordable

The more money that you invest into your semi truck, the more loads you will need to secure to turn a profit. A truck that needs a new engine doesn't have to be a financial burden. You can install a remanufactured engine for a fraction of the cost of a new engine without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Many used auto parts dealers are even willing to offer limited warranties that will help protect you against any financial loss you may suffer should your used engine fail. Failure is unlikely, since engines are meticulously restored to their like-new condition during the remanufacturing process.