Safety Tips For Refilling Your Nitrous Tanks

Having the ability to drive your vehicle at a high rate of speed can be exhilarating. Many people interested in racing their cars make the choice to upgrade their fuel system to feature a nitrous oxide tank. Nitrous is a gas that can help to propel your car forward at an intense rate of speed, making it a must for any street racing enthusiast. Here are three tips that you can use to improve safety when refilling your vehicle's nitrous tanks in the future.

How To Check Vehicle Battery Electrolyte Levels

Your vehicle's battery operates many electrical systems, so it needs the correct fluid or electrolyte levels. The electrolytes help the vehicle store the energy to be used by the battery. The 'wet cell' is made from water and sulfuric acid that joins the electrodes of each cell. Check your vehicle battery electrolyte levels using this guide: Prepare to Check the Electrolytes To check the electrolyte levels, gather: old work gloves eye goggles shop rags disposable cup old toothbrush baking soda distilled water  wrench set (optional) putty knife or flat-blade screwdriver  Wear closed-toe shoes, old pants, and a long-sleeved shirt since battery fluids can cause holes in fabric.

Getting Better Longevity Out Of Your Truck

Getting the most from your truck across many years to come is all dependent on routine maintenance and truck repair. The effort that you make towards making sure that you truck is driving well and it's mechanical needs are anticipated and addressed well before they become a problematic, will ensure that your truck will reciprocate in performance and longevity. The best part is you don't even have to be that handy with a spanner to implement the tips below.

Off Road After Care Tips

Off-roading, whether it is a hobby done for sport or a necessity, can be hard on your truck. Investing in a 4x4 vehicle is often more costly than a standard two-wheel drive car, plus you have extra expenses such as quality off-road wheels. You will want to care properly for the vehicle and the accessories to ensure they stay in good condition. The following tips can help: Tip #1: Wash often

History Of Car Brakes

​​Today, we take anti-lock braking for granted. When cars were first created, the braking systems were much less effective and much more dangerous. If you have a classic car, you need to understand the different brakes available and brake parts for classic cars. Here is a look at the different brake options used throughout the years.  First Brakes ​Braking the first cars was very difficult. They were borrowed from braking systems used for horses.